For about 20 years, my parents owned a blueberry farm, and since I was in my early teens when we acquired it, my summer job for the next decade or so involved picking, sorting, and selling blueberries (and a lot of other things we had in the farm gift shop). You'd think that all that exposure might cause one to want to avoid that particular food, but not me. In fact, for me, the quintessential summer fruit is the blueberry. I love how they look, how they smell, how they taste, and even how they feel. Yumm!

So, since blueberry season is just about to start (in Ohio and Michigan, anyway), I decided to make a treasury featuring the fruit and inspired by its smokey deep blue hues. First off, a beautiful photograph of blueberries by RobertSocha. I love the smokey film on the berries captured here. Tinctory's blackbird pendant also has that smokey look and reminds me of all those smocked dresses I wore as a kid. I would love to scrub my hands with savor's black mission fig soap after picking a few bowls full of blueberries!

Check out this adorable horned lark by BirdNerd. Isn't it cute? Birds sure are lovely creatures, but ask any berry farmer, and they are likely to regard them more as pests during the growing season (those birds are no dummies--they want the same goods we want!) We always struggled to keep the birds from decimating our crop and finally found that huge nets worked best. But, they definitely left something to be desired, aesthetically speaking. On the flip side, myrakim's birdcage veil is so gorgeous. I have no need for a veil, with my own wedding six months past, but I truly admire her work!

Summertime also makes me think of county fairs, and prize-winning produce and recipes. Marykaiser's camille carpet bag is so lovely, and the medallion pin just reminds me of all those blue ribbons! And kirbyvintage's blueberry beaded necklace would make perfect fair-ware (imagine with a crisp, white tee and a cute plaid mini!).

Michelemaule's Miss My Home mixed media painting is so precious. I love the colors she's used. And the title makes me think of times when I was homesick, like summer camp.

Speaking of summer camp, I remember a few really fun craft projects I learned in those weeks away from home. We'd play with clay, or beads and string, embroidery floss, you name it. In the years that have followed, I've continued to learn a lot about different crafts and hobbies, and I think I'm as good an artist now as I ever have been. But one fantastic aspect of selling on etsy is being inspired by all of the talent hosted on the site. I'm amazed when I see what others are doing. One such inspiration: gemmafactrix (see her adorable tiny bubble ring above). I love her work and totally get a kick out of reading her blog. Another: fellow Michigander, soleilgirl! My personal favorite from her collection are the leaf peace symbol brooches, though I've included the lovely navy tie belt here (for color consistency).

If you look closely at a blueberry, or tumble it between your fingers, you'll notice that most are not really round, but they actually have edges, or soft facets. Juliegarland's blue agate earrings mirror that quality beautifully. From afar, we see beautiful, round, blue stones, but up close, we see the gorgeous details.

Gorgeous details certainly are not lacking in vesselsandwares' small scalloped dish. This pretty platter is just begging for a yummy blueberry scone, in my opinion! Hmm...maybe it's time for a snack!

babyhoot.  – (June 30, 2008 at 2:02 AM)  

ooh, what a pretty treasury! My daughters LOVE blueberries (and my son hates em). The baby squeals with delight when she sees the container. :)

the b-line  – (June 30, 2008 at 1:36 PM)  

Yay! This one made it to the front!

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