hammers and hot cocoa

Lately, I've felt torn in a few different directions, at least as far as my creative endeavors go. You see, I have recently started working with metal (silver in particular), and I'm basically spending a lot of my time trying to learn the art. Why metal? I love the prospect of creating my own findings, for starters, and eventually of designing more elaborate pieces of my own. As an inorganic chemist, it gives me a thrill to put what I know about metals to test and to "discover" first hand how a bunch of silver atoms respond when I torch, saw, and hammer them! 

That said, I still really enjoy working with polymer clay and beading. The hardest thing lately has been the decision of what to work on when.  For this week, anyway, I'm back in the clay! Here's lourdes, the latest in my corsage bracelet line. For such a simple combination of colors and beads (red polymer clay, red coral, and deep brown lucite), I'm amazing at what a stunner this piece is. It truly makes me think of a hot mug of spicy hot cocoa (you know, with a bit of cayenne thrown in)! Delish!

As for the silver pieces, stay tuned!

Melissa de la Fuente  – (July 12, 2008 at 8:09 AM)  

What an absolutely gorgeous bracelet! I am in love....your work is beautiful and your blog so very lovely. I am visiting via Hearthandmade and so happy I found you!

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