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After commandeering our dining table for the b-line for several months now, I finally made the decision to create a separate workspace for my jewelry making, photographing, and packaging activities. Welcome to my new "studio"! To be honest, you're really just looking at a wall of our sunroom, but it's nice to have this dedicated space and to feel a little less guilty about leaving it a mess. (Our dining room now actually resembles a dining room again!) Of course, you see it here just after the move and reorganization event. It's incredibly tidy and will probably not look like this again in the near future. After taking this photo, I spent the morning making a few things in my new space. The lighting is divine and it is so wonderful having all my supplies at my fingertips. Now, to figure out how to squeeze in a few more tools and supplies I recently bought!

Inspired Designs by Teresa  – (July 19, 2008 at 3:22 PM)  

Hi, I just moved and reorganized my jewelry making area too. I wrote a blog entry about it yesterday. It's always so interesting to me where and how other artists work. You're so lucky to have natural light.

Teresa M.

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