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It's Saturday, and time to get serious about some shopping! I'm going to risk getting scooped and let you know about a few of my favorites this week.

I've been eying this raku tea bowl by elm studios for a while now. It sorta reminds me of a geode. You know, those rocks that are really plain on the outside, but filled with gorgeous quartz crystals when you crack them open? The colors on the inside of this bowl absolutely captivate it. If (or rather when) I buy it, I'll probably just stare into it for hours!

This Jasmine top by VC2O is so sweet. I love how it looks here with a slim black skirt and I'm sure it would look equally fabulous with a great pair of jeans and my new boots!
May I have this dance? My hubby and I got married eight months ago yesterday. Like many, we took dance lessons beforehand so we wouldn't make fools of ourselves at the reception. For some reason, this Chateau Versailles 2 Petite Print by Cafe Baudelaire takes me back to our first dance In case you're wondering, no, hubby was not wearing breeches and a frock coat. But it takes eme back to that happy moment nonetheless. Plus, the colors are gorgeous.

I'm gradually learning how to work with metal. The more I do, the more I tend to notice and admire what other silversmiths achieve. I'm now thinking I should learn more about enameling. One look at the pretty pink enamel pendants on silver chain by Plum & Sage above and I think you'll know why. The blend of rosy pink and golden brown in the enamel is stunning (kinda reminds one of that gorgeous bowl above, huh?).
I posted a blurb a few weeks back about my new "studio" (I've commandeered most of our tiny sunroom). It's been great to have the space to myself and not worry about messing up other areas of the house (like the living room or dining table). But I feel things are getting a bit too messy for my taste, so I have begun to organize a bit. Today I bought a new shelft for my beads and a corkboard for tacking up inspirations and ideas. And right after I finish this post, I'm heading over to etsy to buy these tacky cork pushpins by uncorked. I love the idea of using another artist's work to organize my own!

Happy shopping!

lillyella, uniquely you  – (August 16, 2008 at 9:20 PM)  

wow - I love all your picks!! SO tasteful and beautiful - and Ive been admiring those pushpins too!

Andrea  – (August 16, 2008 at 10:05 PM)  

Thank you so much for featuring my pendants! So sweet of you!

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