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It's been raining (and I mean RAINING) here for the past three days, so this week my list has a bit of an obsession with precipitation.
These twee bumbershoot danglies by clevergirl won't do much to keep a gal dry, but they sure are cute!
Our girls, Lola and Sita, just love to run and swim in the nearby Kalamazoo river. But ask them to go out in the rain, or even just wet grass? Fuggetaboudit! Maybe these little canine slickers by acme couture would make them more willing. At the very least, they'd look precious!
This darling hooded cape from i like you world is exactly what I need for a day like this (and the many rainy and snowy Michigan days to come). I just can't decide whether I need it in red or black!
Rainy days are good for lots of things, especially craftin'! I'm inspired by this pretty little pincusion by ReFabulous, so I'm going to start making things. Right after my nap and my cuppa!

Stay dry,

ThePeachTree  – (September 15, 2008 at 8:00 PM)  

What a wonderful way to turn a rainy day into... well... a shopping extravaganza!! Those doggie ponchos make me want to get a pup!!

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