counting down

I have this habit of counting. Counting down, to be precise. When I'm climbing stairs, I calculate how many I have left. When I'm on a jog, I figure out how many miles (or tenths of miles) there are to go. And when the holidays are coming? Well, I don't make big red "X"s on my calendar or anything, but I do keep a running tally in my head!

So, today, since there are just TWO MONTHS until Christmas, naturally, I'm thinking of how many days we have until one of my favorite days of the year (61). Last year this time, I had never heard of etsy, so any handmade gifts I gave to friends and family were handmade my yours truly. Now I have a much larger pool of handmade goodies to choose from. And as I got to thinking about Christmas and gift-making and gift-buying I realized it had been a while since I rummaged through the etsy gift guides. And boy, have they changed. It seems etsy is gearing up for some holiday shopping. There must be almost twice the number of categories as there were previously. No longer are we limited to categories like her, jewelry addicts, and under 20. Now there are several seasonal categories (stocking stuffers, seasonal fashion (in the mini above)) and a new "hot list". And it turns out that my new ruby bracelet makes, the cut, showing up in the berry colors hotlist. Yay!
So now, courtesy of the gift guides, I have plenty of new artists and itmes in my favorites and many decisions to make when it comes to holiday shopping. How are you planning for the holidays?

ThePeachTree  – (October 25, 2008 at 12:33 PM)  

Your piece totally jumped off the page at me when I saw the seasonal gift guide the other day :) You have the best way of writing posts to really draw in the reader. I feel like I know you without knowing you!!

Maybe it's the Amy thing....

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