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Yikes! Here it is, Thursday, and I still haven't told you about that party last weekend! What can I say? Well, in a word: midterms! My "real" job has me running circles right now, so the b-line has had to take a back seat. Thanks for your patience!

As I mentioned in a previous post, this was a combined OSU game-watching party and jewelry show. Sounds like a weird combination, I know! But, since I can be a little shy and I hadn't done a party before (or had live people looking over and trying on my stuff!), I was aiming for something that would allow many people to see my jewelry while still not having 100% of the focus on me! This worked out as planned. Lots of women (and their husbands) spent time trying things on for size and admiring my work. It was quite the confidence booster!

What about sales, you ask? Well, they were pretty good. Afterall, as far as attention was concerned, I did have strong competition from the game, numerous children running around, and a most delicious buffet of barbeque. With that in mind, the show was a huge success!

Now that I've had a little practice showing my jewelry off, I have another show this weekend. This one will be a more traditional home party, with a smaller group of women gathered and no game for distractions. I'm curious to see how the two parties will compare. I also hope I remember to take photos DURING the party. You may have noticed a distinct lack of party photos here--I got busy and forgot! Oops!

Til next time,

Jackie  – (October 12, 2008 at 9:15 AM)  

I love your blog - fun and interesting!

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