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Season's greetings to you all! I've stumbled upon some terrific items this week. Enjoy!
I first saw this heart-warming kindred print by photobird (Simply Photo) on etsy about a week ago and have been constantly going back to look at it again and again. I just love the comfy cozy feel of it. Those twinkle lights add such a nice glow (I wish I could leave them up in my house all year without feeling silly). And each time I look at it, I find myself craving a cocoa. You've just got to check out this etsy shop for this and more beautifully composed stills.
I've been a fan of antigenre's jewelry for some time now, but this corsico ring has me mesmerized. The simple patinated finish reminds me of the beauty of weathered sculptures . But the green color, shape, and texture harkens memories of a favorite children's story, "Goodnight Moon." Okay, I know that moon wasn't green, but the room was! Now, wouldn't that be a lovely childhood reminder (and a beautiful ring) to wear around?
Speaking of children's stories, this little story print by Little Story could not be more adorable. Just have a look at that little girl's rosy little cheeks! I love the spare features in the illustration of the girl compared to the intricate details of the book she's reading. This would look just darling in a little girl's room or a playroom.
I mentioned earlier that I participated in a craft show last weekend in Flint, MI. While I was there, I saw some really great work by talented artists, including the work of dang argyle. The olive bark mini coin purse shown here is just one example of the fun purses and pouches you can find in this shop. Not only are they cute, they are impeccably made! The mitten state certainly has no shortage of talent!
For me, citrus and wintertime seen to go hand in hand. I'm looking forward to making a yummy clementine cake in the coming days and love the smell of citrus and spice wafting through the house. In the season of excess, citrus seems to clear the palate and leave me refreshed (even in cake form). Simple and clean. Perhaps that is what I love most about this kumquat table runner by inklore. This beautiful shop is full of items with these clean, simple lines. I also love this growth chart and would totally snag it, but at the moment there are no b-line kiddos and the dogs would probably get annoyed if I tried to measure them!
Honestly, I'm a chocolate gal. I rarely touch any candy unless it has at least a little chocolate present. But for this "I want candy" hand-dyed yarn by Snowberry and Lime, I'll make an exception! So charming and sweet. Definitely candy for the eyes. I'd just love to have a scarf or gloves made from these lovely fibers!

Happy holidays!

Mrs.French  – (December 17, 2008 at 1:02 AM)  

perfect picks...I am wanting the yarn badly and I know how to do nothing with it...weird...xo

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