Happy New Year!

Bonne Année, mes amis! I'll be in Paris for the next week, and I won't have time to blog. I'll be sure to share some new photos when I return. Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009!
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this week's wants

Here it is, December 28th! I'm amazed at how quickly a year can go by. And sad to confirm what I heard my parents say as I was growing up: each year does go a little more quickly. Since time is of the essence, without further delay, I give you my final wish list for 2008.

I have plenty of people to thank this year and particularly this holiday season. I love these funky Urban Legends Holiday Cards by Whimsy. Those cartographed reindeer look perfectly seasonal, and the blank insides allow for a customized merci!

I've been admiring Mrs. French's blissful images since I first happened on her blog a few months ago. So many beautiful prints to choose from--I just couldn't decide which to feature. That is, until I saw tick-tock. This image makes me think of two things most immediately. First, the HUGE collection of antique clocks (most much larger than these) that my dad had until a few years ago. When the working ones were all wound, the clamor was unbelievably cacophonous, though still kinda charming. I like the calm, quietness of this photograph, though I can almost hear all that ticking and tocking even now.

My second thought? Perhaps this is a bit simple, but this pair reminds me of my husband and me. I've never really thought of my self as a clock before (although I have mentioned that I do tend to count a lot), but that little pink number is so cute! Especially next to the handsome blue one.

These Molly earrings by Voleur de Bijoux are SO pretty in pink! The hot pink/brass combination is not one I would have thought of, but it really works. I'm so inspired by fellow artists! These would be the perfect accent to my new black cashmere sweater.

I'm captivated by this raspberry cordial necklace by Lily Green. The lovely pale pink perspex has been carved so beautifully and the beaded accents give it just the right amount of pizazz. Creativity nonpareil!

We're enjoying a bit of a warm-up right now, but I have a feeling the cold weather will be back soon enough. This sweatshirt with shawl collar by Lirola would keep me stylish and warm. And maybe even camoflage those extra Christmas cookies I've snacked on recently!

Happy 2009 to all!
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easy as 1, 2, 3!

It's boxing day, and I'm ready to package things up! Stop on by the b-line on 1000Markets or etsy today and save BIG!

Buy a single item and save 10%
Buy two items and save 20%
Buy three or more items and save 30%
Just mention "boxing day" in the message to seller during checkout at either shop and I will refund you the difference.

Offer ends at 11:59 pm on 26 December 2008. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Hope to see you there!
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this week's wants

I'm late, I'm late! Oh, the busyness of the holiday season. I'm a few hours away from braving the bustling last-minute shopping crowds, a years-old holiday tradition for my sister, my dad, and me. So, I thought I'd take a few minutes to relax and enjoy some hassle-free window shopping on etsy and 1000markets and share the results with you.

13 threads has such an amazing shop. Each piece has a beautiful femininity and uniqueness. Case in point, this blue harris tweed coat, which I would love to pair with a chunky grey turtleneck sweater, some cream cords, and my trusty Fryes. Nice, right?

It has been positively freezing here in Ohio for the past few days, which puts me in the mood for cocoa and cookies, enjoyed in front of the fire with a good book. These shadow rose pillow covers by ruby + stella home would make my reading nook so pretty. Check out this shop for lots of bright and colorful cushion covers!

You just don't get a lot of natural flowers in the deep midwinter, at least not here in the midwest, which makes it the perfect time to invest in some lovely floral accents like these blooms earrings by Bijoutiful. Don't they just make you think warm and lovely spring thoughts?

I am smitten with these felted nesting bowls by Papaver Vert. So cute and cuddly, I think they would look great on our entryway table, rounding up our keys and spare change. Or maybe as a little cozy for my many earrings and bracelets! The possibilities are endless.

Right, I'm off for that shopping trip! Wish me luck and discounts!
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What a year it's been! When I started my personal adventure in handmade goods, I had no idea how delightful (and addictive) it would be. I was inspired by Nichole (littlebrownpen) to think back over the year and consider some of my favorite purchases. So here are just fifteen of the wonderful handmade items I've bought this year for my loved ones and myself. With this many beautiful things in 2008, I can hardly wait to see what the next year will bring!

  1. the violet by cserdan. To my mom, for mother's day.
  2. tempest in a teacup by courage my love. Looks so sweet in our guest bath!
  3. diamont studs by lunatic art. Taking these to Paris with me next week!
  4. wool cloche by liza rietz. See #3 above. :)
  5. ditto earrings by The Peach Tree. Such a sweet peach. I adore these danglies.
  6. chocolate orange cardamom cookies, whimsy & spice. Nummy nummy.
  7. bird necklace, jessica jane. My first etsy purchase!
  8. coco tee, rose labiche. So chic!
  9. pushpins, uncorked. These cuties adorn my inspiration board.
  10. dog collar by lucky fiona. Our girls, Lola and Sita, sport these awesome "necklaces".
  11. printable gift tags, little brown pen. I practically have a little brown pen annex under my Christmas tree. And I love it.
  12. leather Audrey Hepburn headband, hende. The one headband that doesn't slip off my head.
  13. raku tea bowl, elm studios. Even more beautiful in person. I love using this as a "prop" for earrings.
  14. labradorite pop necklace, clementine. Gorgeous and beautifully made.
  15. oyster bag in denim, morelle. Just arrived and it's just perfect. Ditto numbers 3 & 4.
I'd love to read about your favorite handmade items this year. Please share!
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and the winner is...

Congratulations to Nicole from lillyella, the winner of the December contest! Thanks to all who entered and please stop back next month for another shot to win your freebie from the b-line!
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seeing red

While I could easily be referring to my bank account at this time of year with a title like this, I'm actually just showing off my latest treasury. It's about to expire and I just want to look at it for a little while longer. I hope that doesn't sound conceited.

Oh, and before I forget, you have a few days left to enter this contest to win a free pair of corsage earrings from the b-line.

Good luck,
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this week's wants

Season's greetings to you all! I've stumbled upon some terrific items this week. Enjoy!

I first saw this heart-warming kindred print by photobird (Simply Photo) on etsy about a week ago and have been constantly going back to look at it again and again. I just love the comfy cozy feel of it. Those twinkle lights add such a nice glow (I wish I could leave them up in my house all year without feeling silly). And each time I look at it, I find myself craving a cocoa. You've just got to check out this etsy shop for this and more beautifully composed stills.

I've been a fan of antigenre's jewelry for some time now, but this corsico ring has me mesmerized. The simple patinated finish reminds me of the beauty of weathered sculptures . But the green color, shape, and texture harkens memories of a favorite children's story, "Goodnight Moon." Okay, I know that moon wasn't green, but the room was! Now, wouldn't that be a lovely childhood reminder (and a beautiful ring) to wear around?

Speaking of children's stories, this little story print by Little Story could not be more adorable. Just have a look at that little girl's rosy little cheeks! I love the spare features in the illustration of the girl compared to the intricate details of the book she's reading. This would look just darling in a little girl's room or a playroom.

I mentioned earlier that I participated in a craft show last weekend in Flint, MI. While I was there, I saw some really great work by talented artists, including the work of dang argyle. The olive bark mini coin purse shown here is just one example of the fun purses and pouches you can find in this shop. Not only are they cute, they are impeccably made! The mitten state certainly has no shortage of talent!

For me, citrus and wintertime seen to go hand in hand. I'm looking forward to making a yummy clementine cake in the coming days and love the smell of citrus and spice wafting through the house. In the season of excess, citrus seems to clear the palate and leave me refreshed (even in cake form). Simple and clean. Perhaps that is what I love most about this kumquat table runner by inklore. This beautiful shop is full of items with these clean, simple lines. I also love this growth chart and would totally snag it, but at the moment there are no b-line kiddos and the dogs would probably get annoyed if I tried to measure them!

Honestly, I'm a chocolate gal. I rarely touch any candy unless it has at least a little chocolate present. But for this "I want candy" hand-dyed yarn by Snowberry and Lime, I'll make an exception! So charming and sweet. Definitely candy for the eyes. I'd just love to have a scarf or gloves made from these lovely fibers!

Happy holidays!
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december contest

The season of giving is here! What better time for another blog contest?

Here are the specifics:
The prize: A pair of corsage earrings (posts or danglies) from my 1000 markets shop
How to enter: Leave a comment below. (Be sure to include your email, shop name, or blog link so I can reach you if you win!)
Deadline: 11:59 pm, Saturday, 20 December.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday, 21 December.

Thanks, and good luck!
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oh for a thousand

I have an exciting announcement to make! You can now find the b-line on 1000 markets, a new marketplace for handmade loveliness. I think you'll love the site and its streamlined yet beautiful aesthetic. Shopping there is a lot of fun--I've already given it a whirl myself.

You may be asking,"Why a third shop? Didn't she just open a second shop on Lollishops?" Well, yes I did! As a beta tester on LolliShops, I had a fun time experiencing what it is like to get a new site off the ground. It was truly a learning experience and I'm thankful I was included. However, over the last few weeks, I've come to the conclusion that maybe the b-line and LolliShops are not as well-matched as I had hoped. So, for now, at least, I've packed up and moved from LolliShops to 1000 markets.

Please have a look at the shop and site. I'd love to hear what you think (there is a place for comments on my shop page or you can comment here if you'd like. Also, the checkout procedure on 1000 markets uses amazon payments, so there is no need for a paypal account!

Oh, and I suppose I should mention the best news! My first ten customers will receive 10% off their entire orders (excluding shipping)! Just mention the code "ten for thousand" during checkout.

Happy Holidays!

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treasured things

It's been a while since I posted any of my treasuries here, so I thought I'd show you my latest. They don't look very Christmasy, despite the fact that we are just two weeks away (yikes) from Noel. Rather, they both have a sort of pastel and relaxing feel. Maybe just what we need leading into the holidays! It's been a stressful and sad week for me. Not only are finals in full swing (thankfully, mine is finished), but I learned of the death of one of my students in a terrible car accident. No time is good for news like that, but it is particularly tough for students to lose a friend during this already stressful time. She was a lovely girl and a bright student. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Well, without further delay, here they are. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Consider this a spa-like experience. And if you find something you like, you can click on the treasury images. They'll be active until Saturday.

Oh, and one more thing. I was very pleased to wake up to a convo this morning from daiseedeb, who has featured me in her blog, think yummy thoughts. Thanks so much!

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this week's wants

What are you pining after? I've got a few things to add to your list!

Seven years ago, as I finished grad school with not a job in site, I took on the task of reupholstering a few relics from my parents' basement. I had no experience or training in the area, just a meager amount of cash stored up and an inkling that I would want furniture in the house I'd occupy when I finally landed a job. The sofa and chair turned out quite well and I got a job just a few short months later. It was a happy time. So, I just had to smile when I saw this beautiful Homespun Christmas Wreath by The CatNap Cottage gracing the etsy front page the other day. What a clever use for jute upholstery webbing! I think you'll agree that even if you don't have your own personal jute story, this wreath is fantastic.

I'd be thrilled to get this little lump of "coal" at the bottom of my stocking this year! The Little Red Door's Primitive Black Clay Mini House may be conspicuously missing that signature red door (and I do love red doors!), but it is lovely in it's elegant simplicity. I think I'd love a whole set of these just sitting pretty on my pretty vintage mica snow.

Speaking of sets of houses, I'm so taken with this neighborhood plate by dovetail. The detail is beautiful. I just love that little street lamp! And while the plate is food-safe, dishwasher safe and durable enough for everyday use, I'd almost hate to sully this neighborhood with foodstuff. Though I would love to impress my guests with it!

As kids, we would often have a huge puzzle going at Christmastime. It was a fun, relaxing, family-bonding type of activity, but one that required a table that could be used for nothing else until the project was finished! Those puzzles came to mind today when I found this beautiful rendition of an Ancient Egyption board game called Senet by Antiquity Gamecrafters. I'll admit that I know nothing about this game (besides what is found in the description), but I love just about any game. Especially when the pieces are so wonderfully handmade. Check out this shop for this and other pastimes that you won't have to commit a table to indefinitely.

This past weekend, I participated in my first craft show in Flint, MI. Traffic was a bit slow, but it was a wonderful experience. I was happy to have my sister along for company and moral support. And since she was there, I was able to browse around at the rest of the vendors' wares a bit. Boy, does Michigan have some talent! I found many wonderful things, including an adorable shop called enamored. These simplicity earrings are just one example of the gorgeous enamel and metal work you'll find in enamored. I'm smitten with the beautiful blue-green hue in these danglies!

Keep shopping,
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this week's wants

Hello, everyone! I'm happy to be back after a fun and refreshing Thanksgiving holiday. It's tradition in my family to hit the shops on black Friday, so I've done some holiday shopping already, but I've still got my eye out for beautiful things, and I'm pleased to share these with you today.

Given the 6 or so inches of snow I woke up to this morning, bicycle riding is out of the question for me right now. I'm guessing many of you have hung up your two-wheelers until the thaw next spring as well. So, while you're not riding a bike, consider wearing one--especially this adorable Take a Ride bicycle resin cameo by crafty folk. This brooch, while perfectly appropriate for any season, conjures up summer pastimes like picnics, reading under a shade tree, and, of course, bicycling. Lemonade, anyone?

I'm loving these simple and elegant organic earrings by fleur fatale. The muted colors and the size of these hoops make them extremely versatile and a fitting complement to anything from an ivory chunky wool sweater and jeans to a burgundy silk blouse and pencil skirt. (Can you tell I'm sort of in the daydreaming spirit today?)

I'm definitely feeling the extra calories I consumed over the last few days. I just can't seem to control myself over the holidays. But this peppermint print by the Photo Zoo gives me an idea. Not only is it beautiful, it's calorie-free. So, maybe the trick is to surround myself with photographs of delectable goodies rather than the "real" thing. What do you think? I just hope this wouldn't increase my cravings. At any rate, this print is spectacular and would make for a beautiful winter-themed wall.

When I was single, I sort of cringed at the holiday mistletoe references. Now that I've got my wonderful hubby, I don't mind it at all--in fact, I hang it all around the house! I'm also a huge fan of letterpress stationary, so I think this meet me under the mistletoe letterpress card by the paper peony will make the perfect Christmas card for my beloved this year.

It could be all those aforementioned extra calories or maybe it's a new phase I am going through, but I am drawn to full blouses, tunics, and sweaters right now. And this Josephine blouse by anna fabo is fabulous! The smocking around the color adds the perfect detail and color contrast (by the way, you can order this in many other colors if grey isn't your thing). I could see myself living in this work of art!

It's cyber Monday, everyone! What are you clicking on?
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