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I'm quite proud of the collection of goodies this week, friends! Such talent highlighted here!
Over the last year, my admiration of photography (and photographers) has grown by leaps and bounds. I think this may have something to do with the need to improve my own photographs, something I never focused on before opening an online shop. At any rate, I knew I found a gem when I happened on Daniel Sroka's shop on 1000markets. This print (Ascent, fallen leaf) just blows me away.
Speaking of breathtaking, will you look at this Sea Daisies Ring? Such a gorgeous stone and a beautiful, unusual shape and setting. I find it mesmerizing! I'm almost reluctant to tell you where to get it, but that wouldn't be nice. So here goes: it's in this amazing little shop called Pearl Everlasting. Now, be quick!
I love coffee. What's more, I love those languorous days when Andy and I have time to stay in, sit close on the sofa, sip a latte, and watch some old movie on the telly. Oh, and I also love the little brown pen, where you can find these (and more) amazing little romantic coffee love cards (in pdf form) that you can print out and send to your loved ones to your heart's content.
I wear scarves so much that my family is starting to ridicule me (just a little bit). I can't help it--they're just so handy. I mean, with a scarf, you can add a touch of color, keep warm, tame flyaway hairs, coverup the fact that you had too large a dinner, you name it. Can you blame me for loving them? So, imagine my delight when I spotted the necklush! I cannot think of a single woman who wouldn't look completely stunning in this necklush ultra (black with white print) by neck, lush. High on style, luxury, and utility!
I have four favorite flowers: peonies, poppies, anemones, and amaryllises. And I've already mentioned my recent addiction to photography. So when I see an awesome photo of one of my favorite flowers, it definitely grabs me. This print (anemones no. 2041 by kari herer photography) has me giddy, as it also features pink and red--two of my favorite colors.

Well, there you have it! Now, get out there and give them some love, won't you?

Mrs.French  – (January 25, 2009 at 11:01 PM)  

I love it all! but that ring! oh my, that ring!!!! xo t

Shelby  – (January 27, 2009 at 12:41 PM)  

Wow such gorgeous finds! Especially that last photo!

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