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I have so much admiration for my guest today, Cassie of Shop Clementine. I've adored Cassie's beautiful work since my early etsy days and am proud to own one of her pieces, which is even more gorgeous in person. Not only do I love what she makes, I really get a kick out of her quirky sense of humor daily on twitter. She's my kinda gal!

Thanks for joining me today, Cassie. I'm curious: besides running Shop Clementine, what do you do for a living?

I've cobbled together quite a strange collection of jobs. Apart from creating Clementine Jewelry, I also do freelance book jacket copywriting (I write the stuff that tells you what the book's about) and I wait tables one day a week. Juggling these three completely different jobs can be really challenging sometimes, but I've learned to compartmentalize (though jewelry designs always come to me when I'm on deadline with my writing--it's inevitable. It seems that getting the creative juices flowing in one direction--writing--often opens the floodgates for the tactile/design parts of my brain, too. I bet lots of creative types would agree!)

I'd love to have a little peek at the future of Shop Clementine. What’s next for your business?
I have a collection of cabochons and geodes that I'm dying to start bezel-setting. It's just a matter of finding the big block of time it would take to get myself into that mode and brushing up on my silversmithing skills. I hope to start creating my own pendants and bezel-set rings in time for Holiday 2009.

Oh, those sound lovely! I certainly hope you find the time. Now, back to work, what material or equipment is crucial for your work? What would you be lost without?
I'd have to say sterling silver wire and my propane torch. I make my own headpins for my Blossom series earrings out of sterling silver. I found the perfect shape that really holds the flowers in place. And of course pliers. I'd be really lost without pliers!

Night owl or early bird? At what time of the day (or night) are you most creative?
Night owl. I marvel at those folks who can function at 5am. That ain't me! :)

What's your favorite part of making jewelry? What's your least favorite?
My favorite part of what I do is the initial creative process—the spark of inspiration that leads down multiple paths, one idea tumbling into the next. I often create in sets (i.e. 3 pairs of earrings and a necklace, say, all sparked by one material or technique.) I love the exploration and that "eureka!" moment. My least favorite part of jewelry making is bookkeeping. blech.

I'm with you there. Now, let's get personal. Cassie is such a sweet, sweet name. Who are you named for?
My full name is Katharine Sara. My great grandmother was Sara Katharine. My grandmother was Katharine Strauss. My mother is Katharine Sheridan. Once Kate (grandmother) and Kit (mother) were taken, my mom sort of stretched the bounds of Katharine and came up with Cassie. She swears it was in the baby name book as an option, but everyone assumes I'm Cassandra. If I have a daughter one day, she'll be a Katharine, too.

When you head out the door, what do you take with you? Name five things in your handbag.
#1 necessity is chapstick. Classic cherry. I have them stashed all over the house and in every bag I own. There's also one that lives in the car. Also in the bag would be my Ipod shuffle, my wallet (hopefully!), my old-fashioned mini address book, and my business cards

Name a guilty pleasure. What do you treat yourself to?
Kettlecorn. That stuff is like crack. Seriously. Just try to stop using --- er, eating it.

Let's pretend you're at a karaoke bar and thrust on stage with a microphone in hand. What are you singing?
Anything by Linda Ronstadt, circa 1975. "Poor poor pitiful me" or "When will I be loved" or "Blue bayou". Or, just to keep folks on their toes, "Longneck Bottle" by Garth Brooks. I can do a mean Garth impression.

I would LOVE to see that! Now, what about your moves? What songs have you dancing these days?
I've seen both Vampire Weekend and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down in concert recently, I looooooooove them! Totally dance-able. And yes, it's sad, but I can't stay seated when "Single Ladies" comes on.

I so enjoyed learning more about you, Cassie (isn't she great?). Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. All the best to you!

have a lovely day, Amy

miznyc  – (May 28, 2009 at 11:06 AM)  

ooh very interesting! I am with her on the lip balm being essential. I pretty much have some all over my house too.

Cassie if you ever want to step out on cherry chapstick, let me know! I've found some great handmade ones on Etsy!

She does lovely work.

Clementine  – (May 28, 2009 at 1:28 PM)  

Thanks so much for having me here on your blog, Amy!! I'm so tickled that you asked me to be interviewed. ;)

TheEclecticElement  – (May 29, 2009 at 1:20 AM)  

I left you something on my blog!

You deserve it :D

Love and Energies.

Marbella Designs  – (May 29, 2009 at 2:51 AM)  

Great interview, I love her stuff too!
I keep lipsticks everywhere, gotta have something on my lips at all times, hee hee.

Amy Olson Jewelry  – (June 9, 2009 at 2:13 AM)  

it was so nice getting to know Cassie better! thank you so much, Amy, for interviewing her. your questions are always so interesting!

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