let's make {rainy day beaded bookmarks}

I've got a great project for a rainy day, whether you're having one presently or anticipate one soon. This project is simple and fun and the end result makes a great gift for you or a loved one.


Here's what you'll need to start:
About 18" of 22 gauge wire (select your favorite color at the craft store. I'm using silver here)
A blue bead (great if you can find one that looks like a raindrop!)
Wire cutters

First, print out a copy of the template below (clicking on the image will open a pdf file)
umbrella bookmark

Now cut the wire into two pieces with your wire cutters: one 16" piece and one 2" piece. Make a right angle bend in the 16" piece about 1/2 inch from one end.

Hold on to the short bent end and, following the template and using your fingers, bend the wire to make the scalloped edges of the umbrella to the right of the "stem".

Now bend the wire in the opposite direction to form the top right of the umbrella. When you get to the top center, make a right angle bend pointing upwards in the wire.

From the right angle bend at the top, form a small loop in the wire.

Twist the looped section a few times, then carry on following the template to form the left side of the umbrella shade.

When you get to the bottom center, form a right angle bend pointing down.

Wrap the small 1/2 inch bend (the first bend you made) around the longer end several times (you may want to use pliers to get a tighter wrap).

Bend the remaining long section of wire in half and twist the wire back on itself to meet with the top portion where you joined the wires in the previous step.

Bend a little crook, or handle in the bottom of the stem. Tweak the curves of the umbrella that might have been disturbed in previous steps. Get it looking umbrella-like!

Thread the remaining short piece of wire through the holes in your bead and make a hook as shown below.

Wrap the short end of the hook around the longer end a few times.

Make a loop in the longer end of the wire about 1/4" from the previous wrapped section and slide the loop onto the top portion (loop) on the umbrella.

Wrap the long end of the wire around the stem of the wire between the two loops and clip the end of the wire so that it will not snag or poke you or your loved one! (You can also tuck the wire under the wrapped portion to prevent this.)

And there you have it, one rainy day beaded bookmark.

Just look how this darling little raindrop holds your place. Hope you have a nice read!

have a lovely day, Amy

Sydney  – (June 3, 2009 at 9:43 AM)  

My mom would just LOVE this...so do I!

viagra online  – (January 13, 2012 at 11:22 AM)  

This is a beautiful thing, I didn't know that I could make such as beautiful bookmark like that, actually you gave me an idea to make earrings too, thanks so much!!

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