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I'm relegated to virtual window shopping these days. But look what's in my cart!

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Magenta TShirt
this magenta tee (janey clothing)

Mistletoe table lamp
this mistletoe lamp (hannah nunn)
Softspoken Bubble Beret in Rust
this bubble beret (soft spoken)

The Arienette
this arienette jacket (little houses)

Lynx bag in golden honey - clip on cross body strap
this lynx bag (valhalla brooklyn)

Original Illustration - Collecting Feathers
these feathers (made by anna)

teach love
this teach love painting (drenched in white)

Sandmaiden Wool Knit dolman sleeve hoody - made to order
this dolman sleeve hoody (sandmaiden)
Lagoon Earrings
these lagoon earrings (brighton moon)

Gold Ring with London Blue Topaz in a Modern Setting
this topaz ring (clare stoker)

have a lovely day, Amy

alexkeller  – (October 15, 2009 at 7:49 PM)  

so pretty - i've seen that jacket before (supermarket, right?) but i love that grey hoodie!

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