spring cleaning

It's time to make way for some new lovelies in the shop! Help me make room, why don't you? The sale section in my shop is now chock full of pieces that need a good home.

sale by you.

And from now until next Saturday, 7 March (11:59 pm), you'll get free shipping on all sale items.
Happy shopping!
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I spy...

...with my little eye:

something I'd like to wear...
This splendid tunic by heirloom.

the perfect keepsake...
custom silhouette pendant - single silhouette
This winsome pendant by lucky me beads.

something you might not find in nature (but wish you could)...
Deer family - made to order just for you - Tranquil herd of 4 deer in complimentary colors
This precious deer family by The Handwork Group.

something gorgeous to wear round your neck...
Snowcap . . . Necklace
This icy snow cap necklace by Zhivana Designs.

something perfect for the kitchen...
This yummy print by yael fran.

a really pretty little something...
Sleeveless Gathered Front Top - Linen - Sz XS - ON SALE
This crisp linen top by garnish.

something that reminds me of warmer days ahead...
7x7 Lazy Summer
This wonderful lazy summer by f2 images.

and a very clever and cute little play set...

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studio look-see

I've written about my studio before, but things have changed quite a bit since then. For the past two weeks, I've been enjoying crafting on a new level, in a new space. I thought you all deserved a little look-see!

Wow, just looking at it here makes me want to get in there and make something.
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alphabet soup {w}

What a wonderful array...

Chocolate Orange Cardamom shortbread cookies
whimsy & spice (I highly recommend these)

wishes (via flickr by Quyntessential)

watermelon (via flickr by ayngelina)

Whale Grasping and Teething toy
whales made from wood

wine (and weddings with wonderful friends)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

weimaraners (she's my favorite!)

winter (pretty snowflakes, huh?)

red necked wallaby.jpg

Hunter 'Original' Rain Boot

Chocolate Cake Batter Waffles by Jocelyn | McAuliflower.
waffles (from cake mix, and all! recipe) (via flickr by Jocelyn | McAuliflower)

Whatcha thinking?
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and the winner is...

Congrats to Vivien, who won a corsage necklace in the February freebie! To all of you who entered, thanks so much for your book suggestions. I've amassed quite a to-read list!
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sneak peek

I've been working hard in the studio and I'm so excited to give you a sneak peek of what's to come (to the b-line, anyway) for spring 2009. Say hello to these lovely ladies!

Don't they just look like spring?

P.S. This month, I'll be exhibiting at Paper-n-Stitch. Come on by and say hello! And if you like what you see there, please let me know and heart my shop!
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friends: Blissful Monday

I usually dread Mondays, but today I've had such a pleasant surprise!
Grazie mille to the wondrous Mrs. French for featuring my phyllida necklace in her "I heart Mondays" post today.
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the way I see it

For quite some time now, I've been admiring the impressive photography skills of many friends and acquaintances through etsy, flickr, 1000markets, twitter, and the internet in general. I've been inspired to hone my own skills behind the lens, so I've pledged to take a photo a day for the next year in an effort to become a better photographer. And a better observer. I'll be posting them here once a week to track my progress--and to give each of you a glimpse into the world around me. So, here we go: here's the way I see it this week.

hydrangea. I love how these weather.

butterfly bush. with a little snow on top.

berries. brilliant red gems growing on a tree.

pinecone and leaves
pinecone & leaves. bygones.

honeysuckle? remnants.

oregano. at sunrise.

starting over.

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wise words

red by pam from tokyo.
The time which we have at our disposal every day is elastic;
the passions that we feel expand it,
those that we inspire contract it;
and habit fills up the rest.
- Marcel Proust
Photo credit.
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I spy...(this week's wants)

I'm taking a break from this week's wants for a bit to focus on a new series. Fewer words, more great things! Just look at the awesome pieces I found this week!

I spy with my little eye...

....something delicate and chic.
Long Leaf Earrings
These long leaf earrings by Lila Ruby King.

...something cool and convenient.
oxford bound leather bag - navy
One smashing navy leather bag by Rennes Le Ch√Ęteau.

...something strange and beautiful.
The morning when you tryed to keep me warm...8x8 fine photographic print
A beautiful print by The Province of My Mind.

...something I'd like to wear.
span turtle-neck tunic dress
This amazing turtleneck tunic dress by KayLim Design.

...something great for date night.
This pretty Vendredi Soir necklace by Lee Ohio Designs.

...something that reminds me of warm weather to come.
This heart-warming print by Constellation Photo.

...and something in a perfect shade of green.
Turkish Delight
This fun and funky top by Hotelle Motelle.

Have a lovely day,
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