let's make: beautiful buntings

Now that we've enjoyed the colorful bunting in our boy's nursery for a few months, I thought I'd share the easy steps I used to make it.  I'm a bit tempted to hang these all about the house!

Let's start off with a list of what you'll need:
craft paper in desired colors (or you might try fabrics if you're so inclined)
low-tack contact paper
spray adhesive or craft glue
mod podge (optional)
brush (optional)
string or yarn (optional)
and, of course, a wall!
(Before you begin, it's a good idea to place a small piece of contact paper in an inconspicuous place in your room to make sure it will not peal your paint from the walls when removed. Apply some, then wait a few days and remove it to make sure your paint is unmarred.)

First step, cut your pennants from the paper to the size you desire (mine are symmetric triangles measuring 5 inches across the top and 8 inches down to the tip). I used nine triangles to span about 40 inches. You might even try different sizes and shapes for the triangles (to suggest a bit of breeze) for another fun look.

Next, coat both sides of the triangles with mod podge and allow to dry completely. This part is optional, but leaves the flags with a nice smooth matte finish that will be easier to clean (afterall, ours is hanging over a crib!).

Once the flags have dried, spray the back of each flag amply with spray adhesive then place the flag adhesive-side down on the front of the contact paper. Press firmly over the flag so it sticks really well. (Note, the first time I tried this, I used too little adhesive and with the humidity this summer, some of the pennants started to peal away from the contact paper. Make sure they're really sticking! If you don't have spray adhesive, you could also try craft glue or glue stick.)

Trim the contact paper around each of the flags.

Here's a trick I used to hang the flags with a nice drape. Use a piece of yarn or string that is a foot or two (at least) longer than the area you want to span. Tape both ends to the same height (assuming you want a symmetric look).
Starting from the center of the yarn, peal the backing from the contact paper and place your first flag (if you have an odd number of pennants) with light pressure. If you have an even number, just place one flag on each side of the center point.
Keep adding flags! Rearrange them if you're not totally pleased with the layout.
Once you're done, remove the yarn and press each flag firmly onto the wall. Then step back and enjoy your handiwork!

We chose to do the bunting in solid, vibrant colors, but you've got myriad options with all the craft paper available out there. Or you could even create textures and patterns of your own! You might even personalize the bunting by adding your tyke's name or some message (welcome, hooray!, etc.) to the flags.
bless you!

Kelly  – (September 21, 2011 at 10:02 PM)  

I love this idea. Looks so easy even I could do it!

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Mini Piccolini  – (February 16, 2012 at 6:43 AM)  

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