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5x7 Daily Bread Print Red
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Sock Monkey Longies  PRICE FOR MEDIUM
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Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything.
Katharine Hepburn
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baby ready: the nursery reveal

I've been such a delinquent blogger and crafter lately. But I promise, I have a good excuse! We're just a few weeks away from welcoming a new addition and I've been pouring all of my spare time and energy into getting ready. And I thought maybe you'd like to see what I've been up to. :)

What is now the nursery was once our guest bedroom. I was in such a rush to begin the project (can we say excited?) that I forgot to snap some "before" pix that show the room just prior to the makeover, but here are a few that show what the room looked like when I bought the house a few years ago. We hadn't done anything to the walls or windows since then. Looking at it now, I wonder how we could stand it for so long! Let me show you...

Yikes, right?

So dark and dreary!

Okay, enough of that. Look what a bit of paint can do.
Amazing how cheerful grey can be, isn't it?
And crisp, bright white makes such a difference to the trim and doors.

Doesn't hurt that it was a gorgeous, sun-shiny day today when I snapped these photos. :) But these were taken months ago and a lot has changed since then.

Here's the room as it appears now!

So many nurseries are painted in happy pastels (understandably), and I must admit, I was seriously considering going with a lovely robin's egg blue by Benjamin Moore, but we decided to go with their gray horse instead, and I couldn't be more pleased. It's the perfect backdrop (I think), along with the bright white trim and furniture, to the rest of the colorful details. And we decided to keep the rug simple as well--just a soft, cozy pure wool area rug.


My first step in planning the nursery was to search through nursery pix on flickr for inspiration, which is where I found the idea of the fabric hoop collage you see on the wall to the left.

Here's a more detailed shot of the collage along with the fabrics:
Fabric collage/
1/orange swirl from JoAnn Fabrics, 2/teal chevron by me, 3/bonjour lapin by Heather  Dutton, 4/celebrate bunting by me, 5/birdhouse by troismiettes, 6/juicy calico fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, 7/kumquat spot by me, 8/confetti forest by me, 9/enjoy the ride by me, 10/tree from JoAnn Fabrics, 11/fabric forest by troismiettes, 12/love and paper airplanes (sky blue) by me.

  And reflected in the mirror, this fantastic etsy find!

south wall

The rocking chair is a repurposed piece--one I rescued (lifted?) from my parents' basement after my grad school days when I was trying to furnish my first house. I reupholstered it in a fabric I designed then had printed by spoonflower. Then I decided I needed something to prop my feet up on (during those feeding and/or reading sessions with the kiddo), so I searched around for a tutorial and made the green and white pouf in the foreground.

lola silhouette

Have I mentioned how pleased I am to have found spoonflower? It has been a wonderful resource, inspiration, and creative outlet for me in planning this nursery. I initially "stopped in" looking for unique fabrics (a few of which are included in the hoop collage), but stayed when I found out how fun it was to design my own things! The doggie silhouette pillows (we had to "bring" our four-legged babies, Lola and Sita, in to the nursery in some way!) were one of the first things I created. They make me smile--I hope Kumquat gets a kick out of them too!


This fun little froggie (stuffed with lentils, mind!) is also made with some of my spoonflower fabric.

window seat

The biggest spoonflower splash in the space has to be the cornices. I wish I could take credit for the fabric, but I saw perfection in the simple design by dolphin and condor and had to snatch up her fabric instead. Oh, and in the corner, see that vibrant green bookcase that my hubby painted? The perfect fan and ipod stand, if you ask me.

new prints

Another early inspiration for the room was the print you see on the left--this lovely painting of three owls on a teal background done by a family friend years ago. I've always loved its simplicity and bold color. Hanging to the right, you'll see a couple of newer pieces to the room. On top, three little birds I illustrated to represent the growing chez Bethune (and the baby's holding a kumquat!). And below, a mock-up of a birth announcement that will eventually fill the frame. And from the ceiling, our diy felt clouds and rain mobile. It's amazing how rain can brighten your day when it's that colorful. I'm pretty proud of that $5 diy! :)

crib, bunting, and mobile
Stepping back a bit, you'll see another new addition to the room--a colorful bunting decal on the wall above the crib (which is looking a little more polished thanks to the new crib skirt--another spoonflower project!). The crib wall was looking a bit bare, but neither Andy nor I was keen on hanging anything above our little guy's cot, so I fashioned these little decals myself from a few sheets of scrapbooking paper that I coated with modge podge then adhered to  low-tack contact paper with spray adhesive (for a total cost of less than $10 and plenty of supplies to spare).  You might notice it sorta matches the bunting fabric I made for the froggie!

Now, I know it's not really a "nursery detail," but what half-Canadian little boy's room would be complete without a pair of hockey skates? And a moose for good measure! :) It's important to know your roots.

crib and bunting

Well, I guess that brings us around 360! You've seen the entire nursery and I hope you like it. If you are looking for more details on any of the things you've seen in here, you'll find them below.
have a lovely day, Amy

Nursery resources:
  • Wall color/ Benjamin Moore EcoSpec Egg Shell in Gray Horse 2140-50
  • Trim/ Benjamin Moore EcoSpec Semi-gloss in Pure White
  • Green book case/ Rustoleum ultracover 2x in Gloss Meadow Green
Furniture and fixtures
  • Crib/ Amy Coe Westport Lifetime Crib
  • Dresser/changing table/ Ikea Malm 6-drawer dresser
  • Rocking chair/ hand-me down  reupholstered in spoonflower fabric
  • Window seat/bookcase/ Ikea Expedit shelving unit
  • Window seat baskets/ Ikea Pjas basket
  • Lamp/ Ikea Hemma lamp base and yellow skirma shade
  • Ceiling fixture/ Ikea Knappa pendant lamp
  • Rug/ Ikea Havbro wool rug
  • Moose/ Ikea Ekorre rocking moose
  • Clock/ Baby Ben folding alarm clock
  • Round Bevel Mirror/ Target
  • Wooden Tray with glass lining/ Target
  • Hamper/ wedding present from Crate and Barrel (fitted with a cotton liner I made) 
  • Roller shades/  Levolor room darkening roller shades
  • Fan/ purchased many years ago
  • Bird serving tray (on the green shelf)/ Ikea barbar tray
  • Ipod docking station/ memorex minimove
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Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; a mother's secret hope outlives them all.
 Oliver Wendell Holmes (1775-1817)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

have a lovely day, Amy
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sweet on

The weather here has been so wonderful lately--the perfect "in-between"--plenty warm enough for pretty skirts and tops but not too hot for jeans and a lightweight sweater. Oh, do I love spring. Of course, at more than 8 months along, I'm not the least bit interested in "investing" in more maternity gear, so I'm doing a little window shopping instead. These lovelies just scream "printemps" to me....

Flamenco Knit Top
flamenco top (garnet hill)

   linen blend shorts (banana republic) 

cotton and silk dress (petite bateau)

campfire top (Foret)

Oh Deer - Adhesive Fabric Wall Stickers / Decals
oh deer fabric decal (mae)

wood boxes with lacquered lids (west elm)
  Set of Four 5x5 Prints - A Weekend in Paris
a weekend in paris prints (Lola's Room)

embellished sateen dress (boden)

field of daisies skirt (sundance catalog)

Børn Heeled Flower Sandal
Born sandal (garnet hill)
What's on your wish list this spring?

have a lovely day, Amy
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