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I'm so honored to have our Graham's nursery featured at Ohdeedoh!
It's such a thrill to know that others admire the space we created for our little one. :) Thanks to Carrie and the crew!

have a lovely day, Amy
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sweet on

Wow, do they grow up quickly! Our little one is still really little, but he's reaching that wonderful stage when smiles bubble to the surface and it's clear that he is taking in so much of the world around him.  It's so fun to watch (much more interesting than the blob-y newborn expression (or lack thereof)). I figure we'll be in the market for some fun toys and educational things before we no it, so I did a little window shopping and here are some fun things that top my list.
this castle
these linking letters

Wooden Castle Blocks
these wooden castle blocks

this stacking tree
this veggie basket

naef rainbow
this rainbow
Value Set of 3 Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbons
this teething bonbon

this beehive

this walking elephant

What are some of your favorite fun things for little ones?

have a lovely day, Amy
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inspiration board: lovely living room

I had such a blast designing our little boy's nursery that I'm itching to take on another project. Right now, though, it's probably best to keep my efforts in the virtual realm--I am the mama of a very new baby afterall. So, I thought I'd have a little fun and put together a room that I'd love to have in our home if time, energy, and money weren't factors! For this first attempt, I choose one of my photographs--a dreamy queen anne's lace blossom--for inspiration to create an equally dreamy living room.

the inspiration:
queen anne's lace
I don't want to sound conceited, but I do love this photo. It makes me think of my childhood--summer days spent exploring a meadow in our neighborhood. If I had to put this photo into words, I would use soft, warm, elegant, organic, light, and feminine.

And here's the room I would put together based on this image and the feelings it evokes in me:

1. First for color. I love the pretty pink in this photo and would love to incorporate that rosy hue on the ceiling of the room (the swatch here is opal by Benjamin Moore). I'd keep the walls bright white.

2. Love this playful pillow by John Robshaw.

3. And this feminine and delicate venus mirror from anthropologie.

4. For lighting, how about this sphere table lamp from west elm.

5. For seating, I like the understated elegance of the benny sofa from z gallerie. The calm grey will ground the space nicely, I think.

6. And I like this glass topped era coffee table from crate and barrel to keep some airiness to the room.

7. I know it's a bit bold, but I love this print by Jonathan Adler (fond memories of being with child, I suppose) and I think it would add some much-needed energy to the scheme. 

8. A couple of these lovely leather slipper chairs from west elm would pair well with the sofa.

9. And finally, the norooz rug from room and board has a nice organic feel to the design. The pattern reminds me of the lacy bud in the inspiration photo.

Now that was fun! I'd like to grab a great book and spend a nice, quite afternoon in this living room.  (Now I know I'm dreaming!)

have a lovely day, Amy
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sweet on

If you've stopped by lately (thank you!) you've probably noticed that things are getting a little dusty 'round here. What can I say? Life with a newborn is keeping me even busier than I imagined it would! I'm hoping to get my act together soon and keep a more regular schedule on the blog. In anticipation of mt "return", I thought I'd share with you some of the items that I have treasured in the nearly 7 weeks since our little G was born.

These incredibly comfortable pants have helped me immensely in that transitional 4th trimester. Ah, for the love of elastic waistbands!

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals eye shadow 
I love this stuff. Bare Minerals concealer in well rested makes my complexion look fresh (especially those dark circles under the eyes) even when I'm not feeling particularly well rested!

Our little man loves to move! My hubby and I spent lots of time trying to figure out what type of stroller we wanted (travel system, lightweight, etc.) and finally settled on the uppababy vista. It's a pricey ride, but we really liked that this stroller could take us (or the baby, rather) from infancy up past the toddler stage (I had no desire to have more than one stroller taking up space in our home, especially after clearing out all of the clutter in my nesting stage)! Plus, it's adaptable for a second kiddo if the time comes. We couldn't be happier with our choice. It rides like a dream.

black with camel lining baby carrier
Handy and versatile as that stroller is, we can't exactly wheel it through our two-story home! Here's where the incredible ergo baby carrier comes in. Our babe happily nestles in this pouch and does one cute marsupial impersonation. Nothing helps our kiddo calm down faster like a little cuddle or walk in the ergo. And I get to roam around with both hands free! 
I've never been great at hydrating. It's strange--I realize I'm thirsty and then get distracted before I actually pour myself a glass of water (not to mention drink it). This yummy calorie-free, flavored, bubbly water helps me get my 8 glasses a day (a must when nursing!).

Another child-soothing investment we've made recently is the mamaRoo by 4moms. Our kiddo loves the gentle bouncing and swaying action (particularly the car ride setting) and the white noise feature really puts him in a zen-like state. For more interesting tunes, we just plug in our ipod!

star bright sleeping bag
As a new mom, I can get pretty nervous about everything that might go wrong (did I swaddle correctly?), so I love products that simplify. Our baby boy stays just warm enough in these lightweight sleeping bags by Aden + Anais. And they're so cute. Love them!

 Now I know he doesn't qualify as an item, but this man has gotten me through these first 6.5 weeks of motherhood! I have the most amazing husband a girl could ask for. Really. Truly. Thank you, Andy!

have a lovely day, Amy
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