new fabric

I'm back at it again! Just a few new fabrics in the spoonflower lineup. :) I'm working towards nursery number 2--I think you might be able to sense the palette...

Yep, this time, I'm embracing the blues. Though maybe even more blue that these turned out--I've got a second round of samples on the way and we'll see how they turn out.

I also had these printed...not for the nursery, but by request from a customer...

lilac and periwinkle chevrons
bless you!

Sheila  – (May 1, 2011 at 8:55 PM)  

Those are some seriously lovely fabrics! I've been really interested in doing some of my own using Spoonflower, but I've been a bit scared off by comments about the poor quality of the base-cloth, and fading issues. Have you had any troubles?

Amy (the b-line)  – (May 1, 2011 at 9:42 PM)  

Thanks, Sheila! I have a blast making fabric designs! I'd definitely encourage you to give it a try. As for quality, I have to admit that most of the projects I've used spoonflower fabrics for (cornices, hoop collage, occasional pillows, crib skirt) do not require a lot of washing (or any), so that hasn't been an issue. I have made my son pjs from their organic knit. I love the fabric--it's so soft--but there is definitely some fading after several washes. Still, I enjoy being able to put my stamp on it! I hope that helps!

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