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Hello friends! I'm back with another project that I recently completed for our nursery-in-progress. This mobile was super simple, super quick, and super cheap! I was inspired by the beautiful flensted hot air balloon mobile, but wanted to customize the colors (and be a bit more economical). Follow along if you wish!
To begin, you'll need: 
craft paper for the balloons (about 6 inches square for each side of each balloon--I had 5 four-sided balloons, so 20 squares of paper)
paper for the "baskets" (2 inches square for each)
thick gauge wire (I used 16 gauge)
thread or fishing line

We'll begin with the baskets. First, cut a 2-inch square piece of paper. Mark the paper at 0.25", 1.25" and 1.75" along one side and the opposite side. On the two remaining edges, mark the paper at 0.25", 0.75", and 1.75". Then draw lines on the diagonals as shown below.
Now, starting on the corners with only two lines, cut along the lines toward the center. Stop cutting when you hit the second intersecting line. From the corners with four lines, cut along the outermost line just to the first intersecting line. Your "square" should now look like this:

Mark the very center of the piece with a dot. Fold along the remaining lines on the wider sides.
Now, fold each corner in so that it touches the center dot you marked.

Unfold the skinnier sides.
Leave the wider sides folded in and bend the two flaps toward the center:
You should now be able to fold the two wider sides together to make this box shape.
While holding the sides together, bring one of the skinnier strips up over the edge of the box and tuck it in. Repeat with the other side. (You may need to use a pencil (eraser end) to press the paper all the way down.

And there you have it! Cute, right?

Now, for the balloons. Cut out a template for your balloons depending on the shape and size you desire. The balloons I made  are about 5 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide at the widest point. The "stem" of the balloon measures 1/2 inch across (so it fits in the basket). Be sure to fold your balloon in half length-wise so it is symmetric--it'll need to be folded anyway!

Once you have your balloon pieces cut out, glue each folded half of the balloon to another folded half. Use four pieces of paper (glued together) for each balloon.

Allow the glue to dry. If you have excess paper hanging over on any of the sides, go ahead and give it a nice trim.

Then squirt some glue into one of the baskets and insert your balloon. Allow the glue to dry.

To create the mobile, I simply made five of these balloons with different colors of craft paper. I then tied fishing line to each one at the very top (after poking a tiny hole using a sewing needle) and tied each balloon to a piece of 16-gauge craft wire that I had already looped at the ends. It did require a few minutes of rearranging the lengths of string and the placement of the string on the wires to balance everything, but that was it!
There you have it! This project took me about 3 hours from start to finish. And because I already had all of the craft paper, fishing line, glue, and supplies, it only cost me $1.99 (for the craft wire).
Decide to try this? Please let me know how it turns out! And good luck!
bless you!
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in the press...

I was recently contacted by another spoonflower merchant, who let me know that our fabric was featured in the July 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping!

This doesn't happen everyday, at least not for me!  So I had to run out and buy a copy and see for myself. And I thought I'd share with you. That's my teal chevron fabric on page 33. (Also featured are C'est la viv_rain by C'est la viv and red drum original by ElizabethHamptonSouth.) Woot woot! What a thrill! Thanks, GH!

bless you!
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