I feel so blessed. During a random little check on facebook I saw a link to the Spoonflower blog that made me curious. I just wanted to see what the top ten fabrics of 2011 looked like. And what did I see as soon as I got there? My own profile pic staring right back at me! Totally shocked to read that I am one of Spoonflower's top ten designers of 2011! And in VERY good company, I might add!
top indie fabric designers of 2011
The top ten!
I never planned to be a fabric designer (nor do I really consider myself one)--I just printed a few things that I wanted for the boys' nurseries. I'm so pleased to know that others like what I've done and have really enjoyed reading emails and comments from other spoonflower customers over the last couple of years telling me how they are using my fabrics. Such fun! Thanks, everyone!
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