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Attention hound that she is, our Lola was not about let her brother Graham be the only one in the family to get some press. Don't get me wrong, she loves her boys, but this girl was born for modeling and now she's got a glossy magazine spread to prove it. :)

We were really chuffed when modern dog magazine asked us to feature Lola and the pet pocket tutorial I'd written for the b-line a while back. They did a wonderful job (and how flattering to be referred to as a quadruple threat?  blushing here....). And it's a beautiful magazine. Head to your newstands now and check it out. Here's a preview:

bless you!
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textile tour

Hi, all!
Just thought I would share my latest fabric creations with you. These designs are part of my Amy Bethune Photography collection. As you might guess, I designed them with my business in mind---inspired by my branding colors (navy, scarlet, and pink) and the par avion theme. I'm using them for packaging and I just love how they turned out. Let me know what you think!

bag-IMG_1434 lattice
new prints for spoonflower
XO Chandelier and bloom bead curtains ABP!
wallet and rep card presentation

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