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I opened my shop, the b-line, on etsy so I could share my love of pretty things with others.

It's been an awesome couple of years! This blog followed as a natural extension of my jewelry business, the b-line, which I opened on etsy in March 2008. I love color and texture and poured my energies into creating jewelry that is fun and feminine.

A funny thing happened as I tried to promote my jewelry, though. I discovered I liked taking photos (of my jewelry, of people wearing my jewelry, of just people...you get the idea) even more!  So I took the plunge in 2011 and went pro. Interested? You can learn more about Amy Bethune Photography here.

I'm afraid I've become a pretty lazy blogger here, but I still use the b-line as a way to catalog my progress and my inspirations and to connect with friends and other independent artists.

My day job? I teach chemistry to college students. My evenings are spent with my two little ones and my hubby. And photographing. And editing photographs. I love to cook and eat, shop, read, daydream, jog (slowly), watch movies, sing in the car, snuggle, and sleep. Oh, and then there's the whole spoonflower thing....

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